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9/8/2019 VR Pain Relief: Can Virtual Reality Be Used For Pain Relief? onlinecmag.com ... found that the highest pain threshold was present when the visual and auditory sensory inputs were combined. But the interesting fact is that the music and the pictures alone also boosted the pain threshold. VR Pain Relief is innovative The study’s authors argue that the sound has a profound effect on the subjects. They suggest that it is worth exploring different sound types to achieve an even more effective pain ...
8/18/2019 Virtual reality shows potential as drug-free alternative to medication sciencefocus.com ... been used in medical settings to help relieve anxiety, distract patients while wounds are treated, and reduce pain during physical therapy in burns patients. In order to find out more about the effectiveness of VR pain relief, researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles carried out a randomised trial, allocating 120 patients who had moderate or severe pain to two groups. One group received a library of ...
6/14/2019 Ingestible Smart Pills, 3D Printed Prescriptions and VR Pain Relief Predicted by 2050 thejournalofmhealth.com TOPICS: Future Health HealthTech June 14, 2019 Emerging science and technology will change consumer healthcare as we know it within the next 30 years. This is according to Consumer Health Futures, a report by The Future Laboratory in collaboration with international consumer healthcare company, RB . Against a backdrop of rapid environmental, socioeconomic and demographic change, the need for innovation within the consumer healthcare space is acute. With input from a ...