Selected news for the healthcare topic - UMLS, collected since 10/2017. Recent stories appear in National Institutes of Health. This healthcare topic shares news with National Library of Medicine, Clinical NLP and several others.

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3/11/2021 pubtator-loader 0.1.4 Identifier (normalized form) Usage from pubtatorloader import PubTatorCorpusReader datasetreader = PubTatorCorpusReader ( './samplepubatorinput.txt' ) corpus = datasetreader . loadcorpus () corpus will be a List[PubtatorDocuments] for doc in corpus : print ( doc ) """ Console Output: ( "id": 25763772, "titletext": "DCTN4 as a modifier of chronic ....", "abstracttext": "Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) infection in cystic fibrosis ", "entities": [ ( "documentid": 25763772, "startindex": 0, "endindex": 5, "textsegment": "DCTN4", "semantictypeid": "T103 ...