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5/4/2020 Digital Healthcare Platform 'Adviise' Adds Fully Integrated Telemedicine Platform PR Newswire NEW YORK Adviise , a HIPAA-compliant medical service platform, has added encrypted telemedicine software to its suite of features for healthcare providers. This highly anticipated, end-to-end encrypted, telemedicine service enables providers to meet the growing demands for digital interaction without compromising the privacy and security of their patients. Continue Reading Adviise Telemedicine Although steadily growing in popularity over the past decade, telemedicine has seen a sudden surge due ...
3/2/2020 Digital Self-Scheduling: Patient Appointment Booking Made Easy Digital Self-Scheduling: Patient Appointment Booking Made Easy Digital self-scheduling is a tool hearing health office’s will immensely benefit from in 2020. Research conducted by Accenture , a global professional service company, found that in 2013, around 40% of the top 100 health systems in the US offered some type of digital self-scheduling option for their patients. Today, the study suggests 66% of health systems in the US are ...