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4/17/2021 Public Relations Tips From Someone Who's Been Canceled ... Profit podcast, we hear from Otter PR co-founder Dr. Jay Feldman about the importance of PR and the threat of cancel culture . Accountability vs. crueltyFeldman has personal experience with cancel culture. The online medical community responded poorly to a well-intentioned social media post. Feldman believes that cancel culture has its place but hovers dangerously between accountability and cruelty . And searching for ways to recover from cancel culture ...
1/30/2020 'Cervical' is of the cervix? Health practitioners correct claims about San Lazaro death The online medical community corrected claims about cervical lesions after a hospital director reported that the Chinese national under investigation for the 2019 novel coronavirus died from pneumonia. The claim focused on one of the findings on the 29-year-old’s health that he had “cervical lesions” and “swollen lymph nodes,” among others. San Lazaro Hospital director Dr. Edmundo Lopez previously said that the male patient “was seen with varying ...
10/20/2017 How local businesses are offering help for opioid problems The Business Journals ... handful of new ventures in the region focused specifically on treating people with opioid addiction. Here's a sampling of what has sprouted up in recent years. The Pain Project What it is: Phoenix-based online medical community emphasizing effective strategies for self managing pain. What it does: The goal is to help chronic pain sufferers avoid opioids or surgery. Certified pain therapists offer therapy through private, secure online video chats ...