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8/13/2020 Keet Outcomes Clients Earn Exceptional Performance Scores in Medicare Quality Care Program PRWeb ... results. The Keet platform provisions, scores and trends patient reported outcomes allowing providers to adjust patient care plans during treatment to get better results for their patients, while simultaneously leveraging this data to meet MIPS quality reporting requirements. Among Keet’s clients surpassing the exceptional bonus threshold was ProRehab, a large regional clinic in Indiana with 17 locations and over 100 therapists that is part of Confluent Health. “Keet was our ...
10/24/2019 Act now to avoid penalties as claims-based MIPS reporting ends ingeniousmed.com ... those with Tax ID Numbers (TINs) comprising 15 or fewer clinicians. If more than 15 clinicians are billing under your TIN and you were relying on claims-based data submission to meet your 2019 MIPS quality reporting obligations, you must find an alternate quality data submission method now . If you don’t, you could see a reduction of up to 7 percent in your Medicare reimbursements. While claims-based reporting of ...