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7/29/2020 Which Works Best Against Covid-19: Clean Hands Or Face Masks? Forbes ... Swiss cheese: the more slices you add, the less likely it is that two holes will overlap and let the disease pass every intervention. While this 'Swiss cheese model' has traditionally been used in medical error reduction , it's clearly relevant to reducing Covid-19 transmission. Regardless of the relative importance of various interventions, we should employ several strategies to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Full coverage and live updates on ...
10/28/2019 Nuance Partners with The Sullivan Group to Add Emergency Medicine Guidance to Dragon Medical Advisor Globe Newswire ... with ED Guidance and how it improves clinical alignment and compliance for emergency medicine, visit here . About The Sullivan Group Since 1998, The Sullivan Group has been a leading authority in patient safety and medical error reduction . Their RSQ® Solutions platform has been used by over 1,000 acute care facilities in the US, and their patented Risk Mitigation Module has been used by over 500 emergency departments. By partnering with ...
10/17/2019 Psychosocial Factors Affecting Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Health Care in China: Cross-Sectional Study ... intelligence (AI) has achieved massive progress and explosive growth. It is actively applied in health care to perform a wide range of functions such as patient administration and monitoring, clinical decision support, risk prediction, medical error reduction , health care intervention, and productivity improvement [ 1 , 2 ]. These potential benefits could contribute greatly to primary care services in China, where the health system is facing great challenges owing to an aging population ...