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9/1/2019 What Is a Personal Health Record (PHR)? A new study suggests that a change in the way we keep health records could save billions. The study found that providing interoperable PHRs to 80% of the US population would cost $3. 7 billion in startup costs and $1. 9 billion in annual maintenance costs. According to the report from the Center for Information Technology Leadership at Partners Healthcare System in Boston, widespread use of PHRs could save the ...
5/3/2019 Can Apple Health Records Become Healthcare’s Data Access Solution? Patient Engagement HIT ... asking our patients to be more directly involved in understanding the meds that they're on and potentially correcting us where we have a wrong list of medications or doses with medications.” Providing patients with interoperable PHRs has made those responsibilities more feasible, Hanson noted. “Apple Health Records is the patient’s own copy of the medical record that they can agree or disagree with,” he said. “If patients look at the ...