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10/29/2019 HIT Governance: 7 Key Metrics For Your Quarterly Report Card HIT Consultant What metrics are the most valuable to determine how your organization should allocate funding for health IT projects related to governance, risk, and compliance? Top Seven Metrics to Gather For A Quarterly Report Card With an ocean of data at your fingertips, it’s best to determine the metrics that will best support your strategy, and any budget requests for human, technical, or consultative resources. What you need is a primer ...
10/3/2019 HIT Governance, Regulations and Policy blogspot.com ... purpose of this paper is to: Define IT governance and describe the characteristics of a well-developed IT governance mechanism that are desirable for the organization. Create an assessment of the current state of HIT governance in the organization. Create an assessment of the organizations HIT governance capabilities. Definition of IT Governance Gartner (2017) defines IT governance as the processes that ensure the efficient and effective use of IT in ...