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Selected news for the healthcare topic - HIPAA Privacy, collected since 10/2017. Recent stories appear in Physicians Weekly and thedoctorspost.com. This healthcare topic shares news with Public Health, Department of Health and Human Services, COVID-19, First Healthcare Compliance and dozens of others.

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7/5/2021 Health App Privacy blogspot.com ... apps is the newest subcategory一and one that currently goes unregulated. All information sent to Apple is encrypted while in transit as well as at rest.Most mobile health apps are still excluded from HIPAA privacy compliance regulations. The level of privacy you can expect depends on what kind of phone you have where you live and yes how careful you are. Techpoint Africa Techpointdotng January 20 2021 There was ...
6/22/2021 How Will The New HIPAA Privacy Rule Affect The HIPAA Law? Find Out All The Details Here! healthstatus.com ... Ĭì and whether it will be for better or worse.√ÇHIPAA Privacy Rule Changes √¢¬Ä¬ì How does this affect HIPAA law? There has been a recent push for change in the HIPAA privacy rule. This rule is a subset of an important component of the overarching HIPAA regulations, a federal law that protects patient information from being leaked or unfairly told to other medical or non-medical ...