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11/20/2019 Five Practical Steps Towards Healthcare Data Governance ... governance in healthcare and how organizations can transition from simply doing analytics to doing analytics under a strategy that safeguards and maximizes one of their top assets—their data. The Urgent Demand for Balanced Healthcare Data Governance According to the , by 2015 more than 80 percent of U.S. hospitals had figured out how to collect their clinical data. But, just as health system data has increased, so has mistrust ...
6/3/2019 The Importance of Data Governance in the Healthcare Industry Space ... states that they are at another practice, allow them to update the record, pending a Data Stewardship check. What is Data Stewardship? A Case Study Health Catalyst defines data stewardship as “the aspect of healthcare Data Governance that focuses on providing the appropriate access to users, helping users to understand the data, and taking ownership of Data Quality . When there’s poor Data Stewardship, however, even the best infrastructures become underutilized ...