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9/5/2020 Oestradiol as a neuromodulator of learning and memory - PubMed National Institutes of Health ... effects of oestradiol on memory in males will be discussed, as will sex differences in the molecular mechanisms that regulate oestrogenic modulation of memory, which may have important implications for the development of future cognitive therapeutics . Similar articles ...
12/9/2019 Latest News From The Orange Senior Center ... can make to keep your mind sharper for longer. In the Mind Fit Series , we will learn about the various factors that contribute to brain health, while engaging in group activities based on the Cognitive Therapeutics Method offered by Home Care Assistance . Join us for a fun and informative six-part series, led by Home Care Assistance brain fitness experts. Part 2 will be on December 17th at 12:30 pm ...
10/3/2019 Postdoctoral Associate (Miami Project to Cure Paralysis) - USA-FL-Miami ... opportunity for a Postdoctoral Associate position in the laboratory of Dr. Coleen Atkins. This position will study the circuitry changes resulting from traumatic brain injury. The focus of the Atkins’s laboratory is to develop cognitive therapeutics for chronic traumatic brain injury. The Postdoctoral Associate will study this problem at the electrophysiology level, using hippocampal slice recordings and in vivo multielectrode array recordings.The duties and responsibilities for this position may include ...