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8/9/2019 A new metric to capture the similarity between collider events Phys Org ... particle debris. To define what you mean by a pattern, though, you need a notion of similarity, which turns out to be exactly what our metric provides." An animation showing three jets (from the CMS Open Data ) forming a "triangle" in the space of events. The animation shows the rearrangement of one jet into another. Credit: Komiske, Metodiev & Thaler. In their paper, Metodiev, Komiske and their colleague Jesse Thaler specifically ...
12/21/2017 CMS releases more than one petabyte of open data Phys Org ... interested in performing a measurement CMS scientists had themselves not done: specifically they wanted to measure particular substructures in clusters of particles known as "jets" produced in proton-proton collisions. The latest release of CMS Open Data also carries the fascinating possibility of allowing people to repeat the analysis that led to the Higgs discovery by studying the same data used by CMS scientists to announce the particle's existence in ...