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11/18/2019 DIR Fees Pose Serious Challenges for Independent Pharmacies, But the Right PSAO Can Help Business Wire ... First assists pharmacies with DIR fees management through skilled contract negotiations and analyses, robust claim-level reporting, and a range of other support services. They also help pharmacy owners and managers understand operational versus clinical performance measurement s, including how those measurements factor into DIR calculation and which has a greater significance for a given pharmacy on a plan-by-plan basis. With a PSAO that is dedicated to their unique ...
5/15/2019 Establishing a common metric for self‐reported anxiety in patients with prostate cancer: Linking the Memorial Anxiety Scale for Prostate Cancer with PROMIS Anxiety Abstract Background Anxiety is a common patient concern and clinical endpoint in prostate cancer outcomes research. It is measured using different self‐report instruments that are not directly comparable, thereby making clinical trials, clinical performance measurement , and comparative effectiveness research challenging when anxiety is the outcome of interest. The objective of the current study was to enable a common reporting metric of anxiety so that scores on commonly used anxiety ...