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3/23/2020 I asked eight chatbots if I had Covid-19. The answers varied widely - STAT STAT Health Tech I asked eight chatbots whether I had Covid-19. The answers ranged from ‘low’ risk to ‘start home isolation’ By Casey Ross @caseymross March 23, 2020 Adobe U .S. hospitals, public health authorities, and digital health companies have quickly deployed online symptom checkers to screen patients for signs of Covid-19. The idea is simple: By using a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, they can keep anxious patients ...
1/30/2020 Patient Perspectives on the Usefulness of an Artificial Intelligence–Assisted Symptom Checker: Cross-Sectional Survey Study Introduction Background Patients are increasingly seeking to be more involved in their health care [ 1 , 2 ]. As a result, digital health care tools (both online and mobile health tools) have proliferated [ 3 , 4 ], and their ... 11 , 12 ]. Furthermore, it is unknown if patients [ 7 ] use online symptom checkers as a replacement for seeing physicians in person. Also unknown are the rationale why patients use symptom checkers, whether they find them ...
10/25/2019 Amazon’s second healthcare acquisition is emblematic of the kinds of digital solutions becoming startup exits ... digital health processes, like online symptom checkers and triage tools, according to CNBC , which first reported the news Wednesday. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed on background that Health Navigator will become part of Amazon Care, its employee offering designed to offer fast access to healthcare services without an appointment, when and where it’s convenient for staffers. The service connects employees and their family members to a physician or nurse practitioner through ...