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Scott Booher is a healthcare business and technology leader with a 25-year history of scaling and maturing organizations, spanning enterprise to growth-stage companies. He is currently the Principal at HIT Reboot, a Health IT consultancy with a focus on the business models and new entrants transforming healthcare today.

Scott was previously the COO of Central Logic, a growth-stage leader in the patient transfer space. Other roles include COO at Zipnosis, a telehealth start-up, SVP at Ascension Health, providing technology and business leadership for a spin-off of a large non-profit health system; and SVP/CIO at Medica Health Plans, where he built the team, technology infrastructure and strategic partnerships necessary to support a $2B managed care organization spin-off.

Scott has a deep understanding of the business and technology drivers supporting the financing and delivery of healthcare today – an essential quality for senior leaders during this period of disruptive change.

Scaling & Maturing Organizations

Scott’s leadership experience broadly includes IT and operations functions, for growth-stage to multi-billion revenue companies, with department budgets up to $100M and team sizes of 200+.

Selected Successes:

  • Build-out of a new IT department and all-new technology infrastructure from the ground-up to support a $2B payer spin-out during the organization’s separation from its former parent. The program included leadership staff, data center, data warehouse, network and communications infrastructure, critical business systems, customer support services, web portals, information security and disaster recovery capabilities. Completed this initiative on-time and under-budget, with no negative user impact - a rarity for a project of this complexity.
  • Toward client and investor confidence in the ability to execute for a growth-stage company: Build-out of a strong PMO and playbook for client implementations; a formal customer support model; product planning & release maturity; and a strategic platform expansion into phone, video and service extension offerings, leading to a successful Series A.
  • Led the transformation of a local mobile services business with unique IP into an authentic product and services company with accelerating sales growth, compelling products, maturing operations and go-to-market strategies, earning the trust of a growing list of marquee customers.

Technology & Operations Leadership

Specific areas of focus have included: IT strategy, technical infrastructure, software development, product strategy, large-scale programs, PMO, account management and portals. Staff and consulting clients have included payers, health systems, HIEs and several growth-stage companies, with an extensive healthcare focus.

Selected Successes:

  • Directed an organization’s technology build-out and transfer to new headquarters. This complicated move included four internal call centers and support for 1,000 staff over four phases. The relocation was judged as “seamless” by the Board and was finished on-time and under budget.
  • Drawing from corporate and regional offices as well as external partners, created a comprehensive technology architecture, investment, and implementation program to support an organization’s internal growth and employee satisfaction goals, including service, business systems, portals, care management and application integration capabilities.
  • Established a reputation for precision and thoroughness in analysis, recommendations, and work products. Was routinely called upon to assist an organization in outside leadership roles ranging from strategic planning to operational business process redesign. One example: Creation and management of an enterprise-wide Business Performance Team (Six Sigma) which reported into IT.
  • Successfully led the technical wind-down of a healthcare venture at the request of its Board on short notice, giving particular attention to healthcare data security, archival and compliance concerns.

Startups & Strategic Planning

Scott’s breadth and depth of experience bring key benefits to turnarounds and growth-stage companies in their planning stages including (1) a firm understanding of the historical, seemingly intractable business drivers of healthcare and (2) a clear vision of the path for operational and technology maturity as the business scales. He knows where the goalposts are, particularly what clients will expect as an organization matures.

Selected Successes:

  • Developed compelling business and technology plans for a new for-profit health system subsidiary with the vision to re-imagine healthcare around the individual by developing innovative, competitive health products, and by providing solutions to physician practices that enable them to achieve better outcomes and lower costs.
  • Evaluated strategic partnerships and potential equity investments for a start-up including claims processing, population health, care/disease management, telemedicine, risk assessment, and analytics.
  • Staffed multiple Board committees and led an analysis of strategic partnerships, outsourcing methodologies, market/vendor research and financial models.
  • Developed the technical design for a spin-off e-health venture. Articulated architecture and technology capabilities to potential investment and technology partners within pitch books and funding proposals. Participated in business and financing discussions with strategic partners, securing financial commitments.


Scott has led or participated in 20+ due diligence efforts for healthcare, publishing and consumer products companies, in both senior staff and consultant roles. His complementary evaluation roles have been as varied as validating IT strategic plans, rating HIPAA compliance programs, evaluating leadership and providing second opinions on technology vendors and product release calendars.


  • 20-year history of senior IT and operational roles within the nation’s largest healthcare organizations.
  • Thorough understanding of the business and technology drivers supporting the financing and delivery of healthcare today.
  • As a former healthcare CIO and purchaser of healthcare technology/services - he brings immediate credibility and a unique, strategic perspective to the work.
  • Outstanding technical depth and breadth - Scott is and remains very close to the evolving toolsets and services leveraged by growth-stage companies. Today’s healthcare entities are more likely to depend on dozens of external free, paid and open source projects and services of various sizes and maturities to deliver services, creating new valuation and risk management challenges. Is this particular orchestration of services unique, or could it be replicated easily by others? Can it scale?
  • A templatized and pragmatic approach. Although the details of each due diligence engagement will of course vary, the foundation of a technology review should be well understood and easily communicated to all parties, with a quick identification and narrowing to the key considerations for the specific target/client, ensuring capital efficiency for the client and managed impact to targets.


“Scott is an excellent leader who possesses tremendous discipline and focus and he inspires the same from those with whom he works.”

“In his role as CTO and COO, Scott quickly evaluated organizational needs, established credibility, confidence and communication that enabled the execution of an effective, results-oriented organizational infrastructure.”

“Scott’s ability to move from discussing the real world needs of individual employees, to establishing healthy processes between departments, to communication at the Executive and Board levels was instrumental to his success…”

“Scott was exceptionally successful…tackling a wide variety of complex business and technical problems strategically, while leading the organization collectively towards successful deliveries of new products and new customer implementations.”

“Scott continually demonstrates a unique ability to break down difficult, complex situations into manageable chunks of work for further analysis or improvement. Scott also has a tremendous ability to think strategically while understanding what it takes to achieve the desired business results.”

“His partnership and leadership successfully allowed me and the other teams in the organization to communicate effectively to problem solve and push our strategic initiatives across the line. Scott has earned my respect and highest recommendation.”

“He has a complete understanding of the IT landscape and the issues and roadblocks that get in the way of progress.”

“He has a wide breadth of capabilities, from strategy, to development, to infrastructure. He brings a great mix of the theoretical and the practical to every opportunity.”

“Scott’s ability to execute and lead has been a tremendous inspiration, and he has earned my highest recommendations.”

“He is a strategic thinker, effectively communicated his vision to team members, and helped us improve the efficiency of our processes in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.”

“Scott brings an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience in operational execution and team development. Scott’s ability to lead a dynamic team, building essential organizational infrastructure, and yet staying close to each employee’s needs and concerns was nothing I have witnessed before.”

“He is a dedicated leader focused on solving problems and improving systems and processes across the organization…he brought his A game every day.”

“He has a fact-based, even keel style that enables him to work through difficult issues with people who have different points of view.”

“Scott is an outstanding leader and IT/business executive. He handles himself with great integrity in challenging and politically-charged situations, and knows how to build strong, trusting relationships with business partners and staff.”