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7/26/2022 COMMUNITY SPIRIT: KHS student promotes better, healthier community
... said Mensack. Mensack and his chapter of YAHL are working to create healthier habits among students by working with lawmakers, Congress, and community leaders to prevent comprehensive tobacco retail licensing. According to the CDC, about 30.9% of Oklahoma high school youth used tobacco products in 2019. Creating healthy habits among ...
7/26/2022 Weekly COVID-19 Statistics Update: July 25, 2022
... 19 (data from July 18 to July 24) this past week. Despite this increase in cases, Oswego County‚'s community level remains ‚Äúlow‚Äù according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The New York State Department of Health and CDC continue to recommend that people keep their ...
7/26/2022 Jim Kunstler, "The Wrecking Crew Will Be Overcome"
... disorders minds - and these are minds already scrambled by official propaganda. We are this close to a general recognition that the Covid vaccines were a deadly scam, even while Rochelle Walensky of the CDC keeps pushing boosters on TV and the entire public health bureaucracy stands by silently behind this ...
7/26/2022 Monkeypox is spreading faster than the data about it, hindering mitigation efforts
7/26/2022 Walmart's Cassandra CDC Solution - Malware News - Malware Analysis, News and Indicators
7/26/2022 WH COVID Has Nothing When Confronted Over VP Harris Violating CDC Guidance
7/25/2022 Blue or Green? What Color You See Says A Lot About How Your Brain Works
7/25/2022 Lawmakers step up pressure on administration over monkeypox The Hill
7/25/2022 CDC confirms first two cases of monkeypox in children – Axios
7/25/2022 COVID-19 vaccination remains a key priority for Africa
7/25/2022 Monkeypox: see list of symptoms and how to protect yourself | Health
7/25/2022 CDC Warns About Dangerous Viruses Infecting Babies in Multiple States
7/25/2022 Lawmakers step up pressure on administration over monkeypox - Vigour Times
7/25/2022 CDC Warns About Potentially Deadly Virus in Infants
7/25/2022 Acute Hepatitis and Adenovirus Infection Among Children — Alabama, October 2021–February 2022
7/25/2022 Salmonella Outbreak In 11 States Linked To Small Turtles; Authorities Post Reminders
7/25/2022 Iowa health officials say first probable case of monkeypox in the state has been reported – Fox News
7/25/2022 US agencies aren’t ‘following the science’ on COVID – and staff are too scared to complain
7/25/2022 Africa's top public health body gets $100 mln from World Bank
7/25/2022 Nursing home COVID-19 deaths, cases spiking, hit ‘pre-vaccine’ levels McKnight's Long Term Care News
7/25/2022 Provisional Mortality Data — United States, 2021
7/25/2022 Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Goes into Liver and Changes into DNA, Swedish Study Finds
7/25/2022 Biden's condition continues to improve with sore throat now predominant symptom, US president's doctor says - The Limited Times
7/25/2022 “Monkey pox symptoms are different from those in Africa, so diagnosis is difficult”