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7/25/2022 Santa Barbara County Opens Bidding for Ambulance Services Contract
... in October and start negotiations with a chosen provider in November. A contract will be presented to the Board of Supervisors in March and go into effect on March 1, 2024. The new ambulance services contract comes as the county is also consolidating its fire and emergency medical services dispatch ...
7/25/2022 Funded by KSrelief, ambulance in Miniyeh carries out 46 missions in northern Lebanon - Akshay Prasad -
... Region, Northern Lebanon, carried out 46 emergency missions during the last week, funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief). The missions included transporting patients to and from hospitals, and providing ambulance services to those injured in traffic accidents in the city of Miniyeh. This falls within the ...
7/25/2022 Cleopatra Hospital (CLHO) Cleopatra Hospital Co: 1 director
... Greater Cairo Area: Cleopatra Hospital, Cairo Specialized Hospital, Nile Badrawi Hospital and Al Shorouk Hospital, offering a full array of general and emergency healthcare services. Its service offerings include general surgery, emergency and ambulance services, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, oncology, orthopedics and a number of outpatient clinics, including dental, physiotherapy ...
7/25/2022 Hazaribag - King Ambulance Service in Hazaribagh - Remedial Facilities
7/25/2022 Helicopter Crisis Medical Support in India
7/24/2022 Ambulances for plants: Meet India's ecological emergency service
7/24/2022 St. Clair County residents might get relief on ambulance bills if county EMS tax passes
7/24/2022 St. Clair County residents might get relief on ambulance bills if county EMS tax passes
7/24/2022 Top Air Ambulance Services in Jaipur Secrets
7/23/2022 Libya authorities call for a stop to Tripoli clashes; 13 killed, 30 wounded
7/23/2022 New partner for 108 services likely by Sept - The Shillong Times
7/23/2022 Gas prices fueling challenges for EMS services across the state
7/23/2022 Helicopter for Air Ambulance Services in Delhi (Delhi)
7/23/2022 Helicopter Crisis Medical Provider in India
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7/22/2022 Lucknow - Top Ambulance Services in Kanpur
7/22/2022 Air Ambulance Services Market Share, Size, Trends and Growth 2022 to 2028 PRSync
7/22/2022 Nottingham has highest rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospital admissions in East Midlands
7/22/2022 Three civilians killed in militia clashes in Libya capital
7/22/2022 3 civilians killed in militia clashes in Libya capital
7/22/2022 Lucknow - Top Ambulance Services in Gorakhpur
7/22/2022 Air ambulance services Market overview by recent opportunities, growth size, regional analysis and forecasts to 2031 – Express Press Release Distribution
7/22/2022 M20 closure causes huge tailbacks towards coast - BBC News BBC
7/21/2022 Chickasaw County Public Ambulance Continues in Holding Pattern