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4/11/2020 Safety - OSHA, Healthcare, Compliance -
By Christopher Cheney, HealthLeaders Media Surgical staplers are the top medical technology hazard for 2020, according to the ECRI Institute. Twenty years after publication of the Institute of Medicine's landmark report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System , patient safety remains a significant concern for the healthcare sector ...
12/15/2019 Survey: Gender Discrimination Remains Widespread
Most female physicians say male peers earn higher compensation MedpageToday by Christopher Cheney, HealthLeaders Media December 15, 2019 A new survey found that most female physicians have experienced gender discrimination, and most believe they are paid less than equally qualified male physicians. American medicine was a male-dominated field through ...
HealthLeaders Media
12/1/2019 Freestanding EDs Can Increase Patient Spending
New research largely supports the claims of critics MedpageToday by Christopher Cheney, HealthLeaders Media December 01, 2019 Freestanding emergency departments (FrEDs) increased emergency care spending in three of four states examined in a recent study. Advocates of FrEDs claim they can ease overcrowding at hospital-based emergency rooms and provide ...
HealthLeaders Media
11/24/2019 How Pediatricians Can Address Gun Safety With Families HealthLeaders Media
10/27/2019 Many Cancer Patients Receive Questionable End-of-Life Treatments HealthLeaders Media
10/20/2019 Managing Delirium and Agitation in Older ER Patients HealthLeaders Media
10/13/2019 Wasteful Spending in U.S. Healthcare as High as $935B HealthLeaders Media
9/29/2019 Screening for Social Determinants Lacking HealthLeaders Media
9/22/2019 When It Comes to Health, Your Zip Code May Matter HealthLeaders Media
9/15/2019 Identifying At-Risk Cancer Patients HealthLeaders Media
8/25/2019 Stroke Transport: Faster! Faster! Faster! HealthLeaders Media
8/18/2019 Precision Medicine Initiative to Focus on Minority Groups HealthLeaders Media
8/11/2019 New Guidelines to Expand Obesity Care HealthLeaders Media
8/4/2019 What Drives Patients' Choice of Care Setting? HealthLeaders Media
7/28/2019 The Dire Consequences of Mistaking Depression for Burnout | Medpage Today HealthLeaders Media
6/30/2019 Managing Malpractice Risk in the ED HealthLeaders Media
6/16/2019 Incivility in ORs Linked to Diminished Clinical Performance HealthLeaders Media
5/19/2019 The Ethics of Treating Loved Ones | Medpage Today HealthLeaders Media
5/12/2019 Better Care for Vision-Impaired Could Save $500 Million Annually HealthLeaders Media
5/5/2019 The Influence of Online Patient Reviews HealthLeaders Media
4/28/2019 In-Hospital Delirium: A Problem and a Predictor HealthLeaders Media
4/21/2019 Diagnosis Mishaps Top Pediatric Malpractice Claims HealthLeaders Media
4/15/2019 $2.39 Billion to Treat Multidrug-Resistant Infections HealthLeaders Media
4/7/2019 Do Breast Cancer Patients Skip Follow-Up? HealthLeaders Media