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7/5/2022 Healing within the healthcare community starts with empathy
Editor’s note: Adrienne Boissy is chief medical officer for Qualtrics and a practicing neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Violence against caregivers is widespread and an increasing concern for us in the healthcare community. The deadly shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is just the latest attack to make national headlines. Earlier ...
Healthcare Dive
6/15/2022 Why America's Love Affair With Telemedicine Is Fizzling Out - Medscape
... exploded. Emdur's former colleagues, no doubt, no longer questioned his career move. "Many organizations were dabbling in telehealth pre-pandemic — they had maybe a few thousand visits per month, if that," says Adrienne Boissy, chief medical officer at Qualtrics. "Then we saw an explosion of usage to 70,000-100,000 visits ...
5/24/2022 Leveraging Technology To Enable Human Connections In Healthcare
By Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Medical Officer, Qualtrics COVID-19 amplified pain points for patients, providers and employees throughout the healthcare system. It has exposed gaps in supply chains, communications, clinician wellness and care delivery capabilities. The pandemic also illustrated more clearly than ever before the consequences of an environment ...
5/4/2022 Leading Healthcare Organizations Choose Qualtrics to Deliver Exceptional Patient and Caregiver Experiences | Business Wire Business Wire
4/30/2022 Signs You Should Not Trust Your Doctor Yahoo News
9/15/2021 American Telemedicine Association Announces Official Partners of First-Ever Telehealth Awareness Week 2021
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11/21/2017 The Digital Patient Experience Must Also Be a Human(e) Experience PRWeb