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3/20/2020 EveryPig Helps Swine Vets and Pork Producers Collaborate Remotely Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Offers Complementary Platform Demos
... and with added efficiency. “EveryPig is honored to help pork producers and vets collaborate and be productive in this challenging time where many teams are being forced to work remotely,” said EveryPig Founder Chris Bomgaars. “We have already onboarded companies raising over 6 million pigs per year since the coronavirus ...
2/6/2020 Dr. Maryn Ptaschinski Joins Pig Health and Production Management Platform EveryPig as Veterinary Advisor
... of Illinois. “Dr. Ptaschinski's experience in the fields of animal health, farm biosecurity, and information technology is deep and we are thrilled to have her join the EveryPig team,” said Founder and CEO Chris Bomgaars. “As someone with abundant first-hand knowledge of the challenges pork producers face on a ...
11/19/2019 EveryPig Saves Farm from Major Fines by Identifying Potential Withdrawal Period Violation
... want to be in a situation where we accidentally violate any compliance standards. So, having that added level of security from EveryPig has proven to be extremely valuable to our business.” EveryPig Founder Chris Bomgaars added: “Helping pig owners and veterinarians through every step of the production process is exactly ...